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A Home Inventory Business provides customers with detailed home inventory documentation.  With the latest digital photography, video and specialized Home Inventory Business software, comprehensive home inventory reports are providing peace of mind to their customers around the country.  Customers will then be prepared to present documentation to their insurance company adjuster ensuring a faster and fairer settlement. What is a Home Inventory Business?.


Home Inventory Business Growth


Much of the growth in the Home Inventory Business is fueled by insurance industry requirements.  You can depend on support from Attorneys, Estate and Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and other professionals involved with property management.  Home Inventory Business services are sought primarily to document personal property to fulfill requirements for insurance claim settlements. Household relocations, property disputes, probate settlements and cataloging collections are just some additional uses for the home inventory documentation.  In addition, you can expand your Home Inventory Business services to include asset documentation for businesses and organizations. 

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Home Inventory Business Earning Potential


A Home Inventory Business is both profitable and rewarding.  Home Inventory Service providers typically charge $300 to $500 for the average size home.  Home size and time to perform the inventory are important factors in setting your prices.  As your Home Inventory Business customer list grows your income will increase exponentially.  In addition, your customers will want to schedule annual updates to keep their documentation current.  Home Inventory Business earnings calculator.


Start your Home Inventory Business


Start-up and operating costs for a Home Inventory Business are very low.  Since your services are provided in your customer's home, there's no need for the additional overhead expense for office space making this an ideal home-based business.  There are no special licensing or certifications required and equipment to provide services is minimal.  All you will need are a digital camera, a video camera and a computer. 


State of the art Home Inventory Business Software and complete instructions to start up are available

from KC Home Inventory.

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